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    Bank $10,000 Per Month This Football Season

    Bank an extra $10,000 or more each month with our football handicapping experts. Don’t waste your time learning some overly-complicated football betting system. We have the top football...


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We GUARANTEE that you will profit $25,000 your first year!

If you do not make a profit of $25,000 in your first year using our "Ultimate Package" expert picks and betting system, we'll refund every penny of your subscription.

How The Ultimate Package Works

Our sports betting experts have one goal in mind, and that is to make you money. Our system is designed to make you over $10,000 a month with average bets of $100 to $200 per pick. Last year we did over $120,000 using this system.

We recommend an average wager of $100 to $200 per pick, but you don't necessarily have to play that way. Many of our customers bet as little as $25 per pick, while others play over $1,000 per pick.

Our system uses recommended bets of $100 to $200 to track our results for the 1 year money back guarantee. This equates to 1-2% of a $10,000 bankroll. If you don't have that much cash in your bankroll now, don't worry. We can start you out with a smaller bank roll and help you grow it using our sports betting system.

We don't claim to win every game, but we have NEVER had a losing season, and our profits have remained over $50,000 per year for the last 5 years running.

So What's Included With The Ultimate Package?

- Picks from 4 sports handicapping experts
- Recommended bets of $100 or $200
- Picks emailed directly to your inbox
- All picks from Billy, Mike, and The Computer who win 60-65% of the time
- Picks from our top football expert Sweetness, who averages over $5,000 per month
- NEW: Now we are also including picks from our top baseball expert Byrd for 90 days. Byrd's picks win 73% of the time in baseball picks and over 60% in football picks and basketball picks

Only Want A Few Picks Each Day?

- Get our Top Picks Summary with the Ultimate Package
- Includes best picks from all experts
- 3 to 5 combined picks

We suggest playing only the Top Picks Summary if you only want to play a small number of picks

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