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    Byrd is the best handicapping expert we have when it comes to Major League Baseball. Last season he picked 73% winners with a record of 119-44. The numbers...

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    We win over $40,000 every year betting on basketball. That’s because our experts know what they’re doing when it comes to betting on basketball. Our guys pick winners...

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    Bank an extra $10,000 or more each month with our football handicapping experts. Don’t waste your time learning some overly-complicated football betting system. We have the top football...

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Football Picks

Our football handicapping experts bring in over $60,000 per season. With an average bet of $100 to $200 per pick, our clients increase their bankrolls by more than $10,000 each month.

We pick winners with an unbelievable rate of 60% to 65% accuracy. No one else comes close to matching those numbers consistently.

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Baseball Picks

Last MLB season, our newest expert, Byrd, had the best record of any baseball handicapper with 119 wins. His record was 119-44. That's 73% winners.

If you want to win 73% of the time, give our experts a try. We'll send you picks that are guaranteed to win. If you don't win $25,000 with our picks this year, you get a full refund of the cost of your membership.

We understand everything there is to know about every pitcher in the league. This unmatched level of knowledge is one of the key components to our system that allows us to predict winners with remarkable accuracy.

The team of handicappers at Best Bet On Sports banks over $40,000 in profits every basketball season. Over the last three, our picks during the NBA playoffs have brought in $7500 each year.

Byrd is our expert when it comes to predicting winners in the NBA. His picks win 70% of the time for a profit of $20,000 each NBA season. All you have to do is bet on the teams he chooses and you can add an extra $20K to your bank account this season,

Our experts will send you 1-3 NBA picks each day. Just bet on their selections and you'll add an easy $10-12K a month to your bankroll.